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AgSafe Associate and Company Membership

The mission of AgSafe is to advance the food and farming industries commitment to a safe, sustainable workforce and food supply, by providing practical education and resources.

AgSafe has trained over 60,000 growers, farm labor contractors, packers, shippers and processors, along with their supervisors and workers, in the most critical safety, health, human resources and food safety issues.

AgSafe offers four levels of company membership for food and farming businesses and an associate membership for those businesses that support these industries.  Becoming a member immediately connects businesses to a broad network across the United States that shares AgSafe’s commitment to protecting workers and our food supply.  In addition, active participation provides employers with the knowledge and resources needed to protect workers, maintain regulatory compliance and ensure the success of their business into the future.

Type of Membership:
  • Micro Company: 25 or few employees: $100
  • Small Company: 26-50 employees: $250
  • Medium Company: 51 – 250 employees: $375
  • Large Company: 251 or more employees: $500
  • Associate: $250 – Associate members are support businesses including consultants, insurance, finance, lawyers, irrigation/water management, real estate/development, or equipment
*Employees refers to full-time, part-time, regular, seasonal, temporary, and visa (H2A, H2B) workers
Membership Benefits Include:
  • Discounted prices for all AgSafe trainings, including but not limited to the AgSafe Annual Conference, the Agricultural Safety Certificate Program and much more;
  • Discounted prices for business services including company specific training and voluntary audits (Company Members Only);
  • Access to the AgSafe Resource Center, which includes sample forms, posters and templates available in English and Spanish;
  • Annual Membership Directory;
  • Invitation to post safety, health, human resources and food safety jobs on the AgSafe Job Bank;
  • Monthly updates on timely safety, health, human resources and food safety issues through the e-newsletter Coming and Going and AgSafe in Action.

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AgSafe is the one-stop resource providing worker safety, health, human resources, and food safety solutions for the food and farming industries.