CULITV8In both today’s local and global marketplace, a wide variety of forces are at play impacting how food is produced and selected by consumers. Businesses engaged in feeding the world’s population juggle to meet the pressing demands of consumers, regulators, shareholders and the media.

To be successful in this multi-dimensional environment, business leaders need to have an understanding of the myriad of issues driving the future of food and their resultant competitive position in world markets. This includes staying abreast of changes in technology, politics and government, market forces and business risk. It also means having insight into how best to take knowledge of these topics and keep a business on the cutting edge.

The result is a clamoring of priorities for those bringing food to our tables.  It’s not just about staying current, but doing so in a manner that is transparent. Companies must remain competitive while operating in an ethical, sustainable manner that includes being stewards of the land and protectors of our workforce.

It’s more important how a company behaves than ever, because social media is always watching. Sustainable models intermixed with corporate social responsibility platforms are an integral part of agriculture today and have been driven by the interplay between these forces and ultimately, consumer demand.  Cultiv8 seeks to examine some of theses forces more in-depth, consider how they are interconnected and ultimately how they will effect the future of food production.

Cultiv8 is an invitation-only event.  For more information, please contact Amy Wolfe, AgSafe President and CEO at 209-526-4400.


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