AgSafe Business Services

AgSafe works with employers individually providing a variety of services, including company-specific training, consultative services and safety, human resources and food safety audits. By working with companies one-on-one we are able to customize programs to incorporate specific policies and procedures, as well as address trends unique to that business.

For more information on any of these services, contact Rosie Cano, Director of Development at 209-526-4400 or via email at

Private Training

The AgSafe Education Team will come to your facility to provide customized training across a variety of safety and human resources topics, including:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Heat Illness Prevention
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Tractor Operator
  • Forklift Operator
  • Food Safety for Harvest Crews and Supervisors
  • Night Work Safety

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Voluntary Human Resources and Safety Audits

AgSafe conducts voluntary human resources and safety audits which are designed to give employers insight into the regulatory compliance and effectiveness of these programs. An organization may select from two different audit formats:

  • Written Program Review
  • Written Program Review and Onsite Evaluation

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AgSafe now offers a wide range of Pesticide Compliance services and resources including:

  • Decontamination Kits
  • Headquarter Compliance Binders
  • Emergency Medical Postings Keychains
  • Pesticide Handler Training
  • Respirator Fit Testing
  • Pesticide Compliance Audits
  • Pesticide Handler Tailgate Kits

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Employer Postings Binder

Employers are required by the State of California and the U.S. government to post a number of required notices on their business premises to inform employees of their legal rights. AgSafe has assembled all the posters, in English and Spanish, into an easy to use and replicate binder. To order, call the AgSafe office at 209-526-4400.

Tailgate Toolkits

AgSafe’s new Tailgate Training To Go Kits are the perfect safety training resource for on-site field training. Toolkits are available in both English and Spanish and include DVD trainer instructions, topic outlines and activity sheets. Topics include: Farm First Aid, Heat Illness Prevention, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Tractor Safety, ATV and Forklift Safety and many more. To order, call the AgSafe office at 209-526-4400.

Decontamination Kits

Includes: Water, soap and single use towels for routine washing of hands and face, one clean change of coveralls and one pint of water for emergency eye flushing.
To order, call the AgSafe office at 209-526-4400.

Headquarter Compliance Binder

Includes: Pesticide Permit, Pesticide use Reports, Application information Display,Emergency Medical Care, Training (A8 &A9), Respiratory Program, Medical Supervision Program, and Helpful Information. To order, call the AgSafe office at 209-526-4400.

Emergency Medical Postings Keychains

Includes: Name and location of a facility where emergency medical care is available, as well as the name, address and telephone number of a facility able to provide emergency medical care. To order, call the AgSafe office at 209-526-4400.

For more information on AgSafe resources, please call (209) 526-4400 or email

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AgSafe is the one-stop resource providing worker safety, health, human resources, and food safety solutions for the food and farming industries.